Transforming Leadership: A Journey to Empowerment and Innovation

In the heart of France’s vibrant tech industry, a company known for its pioneering work in imaging technology embarked on a transformative journey. A leader in heritage digitization, health wellness imaging, and underwater imaging solutions, faced a pivotal moment in its history. Founded in 1979 and publicly listed since 2007, the company stood at the threshold of change as its founders prepared for a well-deserved retirement. Their vision was clear: to revolutionize the management of their teams and pave the way for a seamless transition at the helm.

Enter Isabel Monville, a coach with a knack for unlocking the potential within leaders and organizations. Her mission was to guide the company through the Rubicon of becoming a liberated company—a term that signifies a radical shift towards employee empowerment and self-management. The journey was marked by moments of joy and tension, as the CEO humorously admitted in a social media post featuring Isabel’s picture:

“Meet the ‘guru gal’ who helped us cross the Rubicon of the liberated company. Her name is Isabel Monville, and all of I2S thanks her for it. It was a long haul, sometimes joyful, sometimes tense… and yours truly got a mouthful as his dinosaur-sized yet too-small brain struggled to keep up. But hey! We all learn every hour!”

Jean-Louis Blouin, ex-CEO I2S

Isabel’s approach was multifaceted. She employed individual coaching to empower the founders to delegate more effectively and team coaching to strengthen the leadership team’s capabilities. Her efforts made the work visible, enabling a culture where delegation was not just a concept but a practiced reality.

The company’s core expertise spans several cutting-edge domains:

  • Heritage Digitization: Offering book scanners and software solutions for institutions globally.
  • Health Wellness: Providing specialized cameras and OEM systems for medical applications.
  • Underwater Imaging: Supplying cameras for underwater exploration, including contributions to iconic film productions like the first “Titanic” movie.
  • Imaging Solutions: Designing custom imaging solutions and distributing standard components across various markets.

At the forefront of image capture and processing, the company integrates complete solutions “from photon to cloud.” They harness rapidly evolving digital technologies, embedding them into comprehensive, user-centric software and hardware offerings. For over 40 years, the company has been synonymous with high-quality imaging, contributing to the expansion and competitive edge of imaging applications.

Isabel’s coaching was instrumental in this phase of the company’s evolution. By fostering a leadership style that embraced agility and innovation, she helped not only to maintain its market leadership but to set a new standard for what it means to be a liberated company—one where every employee is empowered to contribute to the company’s legacy of innovation.






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