The BEPS Navigator: A Compass for Leadership

Introduction: In the heart of a 300 people cloud infrastructure team, the quest for a more agile and responsive organizational model was underway. The traditional silos of product management, engineering, and quality assurance, while seemingly efficient, were proving to be impediments to innovation and speed. The vision was clear: to create nimble cross-functional teams, each laser-focused on delivering specific product components, from compute to storage to networking.

The Leadership Transformation: The transformation began with the formation of a new product leadership team, a coalition of leaders from every function, united by shared goals and a commitment to a new way of working.

Reimangining the Roles: This wasn’t just a reshuffling of responsibilities; it was a reimagining of roles. For each of the cross-functional teams, The ‘User Advocate’ was introduced to ensure that the teams had a clear direction, while the ‘Team Catalyst’ was tasked with fostering collaboration and synergy.

Resistance and Revelation: Change is seldom met without resistance, and this journey was no exception. Intermediate managers, accustomed to traditional roles, felt their positions threatened. This resistance was the catalyst for a revelation, leading to the creation of the BEPS navigator—a tool to facilitate their evolution towards a more holistic, servant-leadership approach.

The Four Pillars of BEPS:

  • Business: Leaders must understand the ecosystem their products serve, defining a vision that resonates with the purpose of their offerings.
  • Execution: Beyond mere task management, leaders are the driving force for effective delivery, ensuring that teams are productive and focused.
  • People: Leadership is about nurturing talent, fostering growth, and investing in self-improvement, recognizing that the journey of leadership is continuous.
  • System: Acknowledging the complexity of the organizational ecosystem, leaders are tasked with identifying and removing barriers to ensure smooth operations.

The Transformational Journey: Embracing the BEPS navigator, the leadership team embarked on a transformative journey. The results were palpable: increased team velocity, dismantled silos, and accelerated product delivery. Yet, the path was not without its challenges. Misalignments and misunderstandings surfaced, but the BEPS navigator served as a beacon, guiding the team through turbulent waters.

The Legacy of BEPS: The BEPS navigator has since been a cornerstone in my coaching and mentoring endeavors, aiding leaders in identifying areas for growth and providing a simple yet profound structure for introspection. It’s not about measuring up to a standard but reflecting on one’s approach to leadership.

Conclusion: The story of the managers’ fear of obsolescence is a testament to the transformative power of leadership. It’s not about controlling but understanding and shaping the system to allow everyone within to thrive. The BEPS navigator stands as a testament to this philosophy, offering leaders a compass to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the cloud era.

Call to Action: Are you ready to explore the BEPS navigator and discover how it can transform your leadership approach? Contact us to learn how this simple yet powerful tool can be tailored to your unique context and guide your team to new heights of success. You can also take the self-assessment to start your own reflection.

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